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Semi truck accidents usually involve serious injury or wrongful death. Tanker trucks increase the risk of very serious injury or death because they sometimes carry extremely dangerous liquids that can lead to a fire or explosion. Hazardous materials are transported each and every day across the state of Texas by tanker trucks.

The risk of a car fire or truck fire after a tanker truck accident is greatly increased when hazardous materials or flammable materials are carried. Even if the truck accident does not involve another vehicle the discharge of gasoline; diesel fuel or other accelerants on the highway can be dangerous in of itself. Communities are forced to dispatch hazardous material management teams to deal with spills from tanker trucks frequently in Texas.

Weight of a tanker truck can be a significant factor and can lead to an accident mainly because of the characteristics of the load. Rollovers and jackknife accidents are common with tanker trucks.

Tanker truck wreck lawyer

Special rules apply to tractor-trailers or tanker trucks that carry hazardous materials. In addition to increased insurance requirements other safety rules have been implemented in an effort to make these dangerous vehicles safer. Any 18-wheeler can wipe out an entire family or even multiple families in a single accident. Tanker trucks compound that risk with the explosion factor.

Other situations in which a tanker truck accident can lead to other accidents is by discharging fuel or other material on the highways which leads to vehicles following the tanker truck losing control when they hit a patch of fuel on the highway.

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