Semi truck tire blowouts

Accidents Caused By Big Rig Blowouts


Everyone has seen debris on the highway from a failed tire on a big rig. When a big truck has a blowout many different scenarios can play out and all of them can be deadly. For a passing motorist an accident can happen simply by trying to avoid the flying piece of rubber on the highway.


Many times however the driver may lose control of a big rig after a blowout and consequences can be significant. Even though trucks have two tires together in an effort to minimize the chance of an accident when the truck blowout occurs.


There are many reasons for a tire to blow out on a big rig. One of the more common is the failure of the trucking company to adequately inspect tires and keep them in service. Other common causes of tire failure include over or under inflation, improper maintenance and defectively made tires.


Everyone should inspect his or her tires on a routine basis. Professional truck drivers are required to inspect their tires before each trip. Motor carriers are required to ensure that the rigs that they put out on the highway are safe for travel. This includes tire safety and appropriate maintenance.


The rules and requirements for tire safety on a big truck or important ones to keep communities safe from the potential loss of control of an 80,000-pound missile. A truck accident involving a big rig has the potential to destroy many family’s lives in one event.


If there is an accident that was caused by tire blowout preserving the tire and document the scene or two very important first steps for anyone to take.


Contacting a truck accident attorney who handles big rig blowouts as soon as possible after the truck wreck is critically important.


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