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As everyone knows FedEx has become one of the leading if not the leading small package carrier in the United States. As a consequence, each and every day in almost every neighborhood in America a FedEx truck is delivering packages. With the advent of the Internet and Internet shopping the explosion of home delivery services such as FedEx has made shopping much easier for the average American.

The downside is that FedEx drivers are regularly in a huge hurry to make the delivery and get on to the next stop. Although the drivers drove through substantial testing and safety training the pressures put on them to produce sometimes cause very dangerous conditions for the public.

When you see a FedEx truck driver hurrying to their vehicle it will give you some idea of the time pressures these drivers face. Any commercial driver who is in a hurry is not necessarily going to be driving safe. A safe driver is a careful driver and not one who is more worried about the schedule than safety.

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