Criminal acts by truck drivers

Truck accidents across the state of Texas are literally an everyday event. Because of the size of a tractor-trailer versus the size of a pickup truck or passenger car in most semi-truck accidents serious injury is a foregone conclusion.

In the vast majority of 18-Wheeler accident cases the cause of the truck accident is simple negligence on the part of the commercial driver. The truck driver not paying attention, maybe speeding, following to close or distracted by something in the cab and causes a wreck.

In a few cases, the conduct of the truck driver goes beyond simple negligence and in those cases criminal charges and also punitive damages can be appropriate. Examples of trucker behavior that have resulted in substantial jury verdicts in civil court and lengthy criminal sentences are the drug using trucker or the intoxicated truck driver.

In other 18-wheeler accident cases actions such as falsifying log books to drive more miles or truck companies putting to work unqualified and inexperienced drivers, allowing an out of service vehicle to be used on our roadways can lead to the potential for punishment or exemplary damages in a truck accident lawsuit.

Drug and alcohol use are some of the most serious types of criminal truck driver behavior, the conduct is even more offensive to our community given an 80,000 pound vehicle with the potential to wipe out whole families in a fraction of a second.

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