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Houston Bus Accident Lawyer

Why hire a Houston bus accident lawyer to handle your case?

Attorneys who win cases against professional truck drivers and motor carriers have an infinite knowledge of the rules and requirements that the bus company and its drivers must follow to ensure safety for the passengers and the driver.


Some bus accidents happen because a third-party driver was negligent and cause the accident. Bus accident attorneys usually investigate the accident thoroughly and make an initial determination as to the allocation of blame for the wreck.


In some instances, a quick response team can make important factual findings early and preserve important evidence from the scene that can be used to reenact the crash and explain to a jury exactly who’s at fault.


Regardless of the official police report, attorneys for the insurance carriers for the bus company can be expected to mount a defense and hire their own experts who will usually opine that somebody else caused the crash. Or that the bus wreck was simply just an accident and no one is to blame.


Adjusters Dont Want You to Hire a Lawyer!


Frequently, an adjuster will contact a victim of a bus accident and tell them early on that they are “accepting responsibility” and imply that the victim does not need to hire an attorney who will just “take part of your money”. There is a reason that the insurance company does not want you to hire an experienced bus accident lawyer. It can be reasonably certain that if an insurance company does not want you to do something, it’s exactly what you should do.


Nevertheless, there are many people who fall for this trick and end of either settling for pennies on the dollar or later on understanding that they need to hire an experienced attorney. However, waiting too long after the date of the accident to retain an attorney can work against the victim and actually hurt their chances for winning the case.


Retaining a real Houston bus accident lawyer is an important first step toward seeking justice for the victim of negligence on the part of the bus company or the bus driver.


We handle bus accidents and commercial vehicle accidents and have been doing so for over 30 years. Our track record is exceptional and we only get paid if we recover money for you.


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