Why Early Representation In A Truck Wreck Is Important

The Highway Patrol or a local officer investigates most serious injury and fatal wrecks involving an 18-wheeler. Likewise, most insurance companies for truck drivers dispatch people to the scene of a serious accident as soon as they can after learning of the accident.


Typically after a fatal crash hundreds of photographs are taken; the scene is surveyed digitally to show important pieces of evidence such as skid marks and vehicle parts.


It is very important that the victim’s family secure the best truck wreck attorney as early as possible before critical evidence disappears or is “lost” by the defense.


Many trucks now have GPS devises or “trip master” computers onboard that record important information such as speed, braking and even in some cases hours of operation. The victim’s family needs an attorney who is knowledgeable about what evidence is available and how to get it.


Real commercial vehicle crash attorneys are prepared to act quickly to preserve important evidence and some even have a quick response team ready to get to the scene of the wreck.


Many times issues such as the condition of the tractor-trailer, including brakes, loaded weight and non-compliance with the safety regulations like hours of operation are very important in establishing the proper responsibility for the accident.


Investigation of 18-wheeler accidents should be handled by attorneys well versed in the regulation of trucks and drivers and experienced in reconstruction of truck wrecks.


A lawyer investigating a commercial vehicle crash where braking is an issue should have a through knowledge of the air brake systems of both tractor and trailer, proper slack adjuster settings, and be well versed in the application of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations applicable to brakes and the safe condition of the vehicle.


On the ground evidence such a braking, yaw or skid marks and marks showing the point of impact and how the wreck really occurred, can be very important as the insurance companies for the truck driver always try to shift responsibility to others, and primarily the victim for the accident.


Most folks assume that because a ticket was issued that the matter of liability is settled-that is not the case. Very seldom do tickets come in to evidence in an18 wheeler or a car accident. Its up to the victim to prove the liability in the case.



Gathering irrefutable facts from the scene as soon as possible is the proper course of action for defeating the insurance companies blame shifting tactics.


In commercial vehicle accident lawsuits there is no substitute for experience. Families do not need an attorney learning on the job when seeking to protect their financial future.


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