Tanker Truck Rollover Prevention Tactics and Strategies

Preventing tanker truck rollover accidents



Rollover accidents involving tanker trucks can result in very serious injuries and even fatalities. These injuries often are sustained to not only the driver of a tanker truck but other motorists that end up involved in a collision that arises from a rollover.


Nearly 80 percent of all tanker truck rollover accidents involve some element of driver error. With this in mind, there are some tactics and strategies that should be utilized, to prevent tanker rollover accidents.


Avoid Sudden Movements


A primary strategy to employ to prevent a tanker truck rollover accident is avoiding sudden changes. For example, a tanker truck driver should leave plenty of room between his or her rig and other vehicles. A rollover can occur when a tanker truck driver must make some defensive move to avoid another vehicle making an improper maneuver on a roadway.


Identify Risk Areas on Roadways and Routes


A tanker truck driver is wide to be proactive. One strategy to employ to avoid a tanker truck rollover accident is to identify potential risk areas on roadways of planned travel routes. For example, courses that include more challenging turns, or steep downward grades, should be identified in advance. These are two types of roadway hazards that can enhance the risk of a rollover accident.


By planning a driver is aware of what will be faced on a trip. Trip planning also includes having the ability to plan an alternate route if the initial course may appear too hazardous.


Control Speed


Another key strategy to avoid a tanker truck rollover accident is to control speed. Speed control is critical particularly is the case when a truck will be on a roadway with steep downgrades.


A driver also needs to leave ample room between other vehicles. Leaving an assured clear distance between vehicles will better ensure that a tanker truck driver will not have to make a sudden decrease in speed, which can result in a rollover accident.


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Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration: https://www.fmcsa.dot.gov/rolloverprevention



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