Obtaining Black Box Data Records After A Truck Wreck

One piece of evidence that sometimes is available is what is known as the “black box” data. The black box is essentially an electronic data recorder which is a computer that monitors and reports information when certain things happen.


Typically, in the event of a sudden change in velocity or impact a black box will record some or all of the following information: brake application, RPM, truck speed, gear, and other important accident reconstruction information.


Some commercial vehicles contain the data recorders and some do not. An experienced truck wreck attorney will know which 18-wheelers have the event recorders and which do not.


It takes a trained technician to download the crash data from the black box or event recorder. Sometimes the data can be used to help the truck driver explain the circumstances of the accident. Other times the data is at odds with the truck driver’s testimony or statements to police at the scene.


Many times the data recorded simply affirms the objective data at the crash site. Factors such as skid marks, vehicle crush, crash debris, and points of impact serve as powerful tools to help re-construct the wreck.


When someone is involved in a serious injury 18 or accident or if the family has lost a loved one in a tractor-trailer crash obtaining the black box data is critical to successfully prosecuting a truck wreck lawsuit.


It is important that victims of a truck accident or family members have lost a loved one due to an 18 wheeler crash, understand the importance of early investigation of the crash site and the vehicles involved. One recent trick used by defense attorneys is to push for putting the big rig back in service as soon as possible which in some cases destroys the evidence that would come from an onboard computer or a “black box”.


While police officers at the scene may indicate that the accident was the fault of the truck driver, the officer’s findings are not binding upon the trucking company or the truck driver and in cases involving very serious injury or wrongful death, you can expect the truck driver and the trucking company to dispute the cause of the crash had their own responsibility.


For this reason, and for others, it is very important that families retain experienced and successful attorneys who have handled this type of case hundreds of times over the years. You do not want an attorney learning how to prosecute a truck accident case on your matter.


Who you hire really does count. For free no obligation consultation on a serious injury or wrongful death truck accident contact the Houston truck wreck law firm for free consultation regarding your rights and options.


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