Logging Truck Crash Sends One to Hospital in Conroe



A logging truck collided with a pickup truck and injured at least two people sending one to the hospital, according to reports.


The truck crash caused loop 336 near the intersection of FM 38 three to be close for several hours Tuesday.


The witness has reported that the semi truck hauling logs experienced a tire blowout causing a swerved or loss of control and the truck struck a pickup truck. As a result, the pickup spun around several times in the blink of an eye.


The accident was covered by both the Conroe Police Department and fire department although no official word has been received from the investigating authorities as to their investigation of the cause of the crash.


Frequently, investigating officers rely heavily on eyewitness accounts as the witnesses can supply information necessary to analyze what happened and why.


When the accident is severe or life-threatening injuries are sustained, the investigating authorities may conduct a formal accident reconstruction in addition to the account of the eyewitnesses.


Let us hope those injured recover quickly.


Tire safety on big trucks is a concern and also part of the driver’s duty to inspect his rig for safety each day. Trucks with the bad tires can cause unnecessary accidents and the results can be devastating to families.


It is the duty of the motor carrier to ensure that the truck driver complies with the rules and regulations that apply to truckers including inspecting the tires.


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