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Lawyer for Accident with an Amazon Van

 Amazon truck accident lawyerOne site increasingly visible is that of the Amazon delivery van. Amazon has taken American merchandising by storm, and part of the reason is their ease of purchase and quick delivery. Amazon utilizes an ever-growing number of delivery drivers to shuttle their packages every day.


Because of the deadlines imposed upon the drivers and the sheer number of deliveries required each day, Amazon drivers are pushed to the limit, which can lead to accidents.


Recent estimates put Amazon’s annual deliveries at over 600 million packages. That estimate can be wildly low, given other data that indicates that Amazon sells and delivers billions of parcels worldwide. The delivery numbers by Amazon itself are growing rapidly to reduce its costs of shipping through other carriers.



Amazon and the Independent Contractor Defense


Amazon-like many large companies seek to use the “independent contractor” defense. Such defense claims that another entity was the employer of the driver responsible for the accident and not Amazon itself. Motivations for structuring driver hiring through contractors is to reduce and control costs and also to avoid liability of severe injuries or wrongful death. There is also a component that saves corporate dollars in eliminating obligations for employee benefits from Amazon. The company is actively seeking new contractors under its Amazon Delivery Service Partners program


Houston has a Lot of Amazon Vans

The exact number of Amazon vans delivering in the greater Houston area is unknown. But there is no doubt that next week there will be even more Prime vans bringing packages to folks in Texas.


A careful evaluation is required of the actual status of any Amazon driver involved in a severe injury accident.


Amazon Insurance Coverage


Amazon drivers must maintain their insurance coverage if they use their vehicles for deliveries. According to Amazon’s website, Amazon supplies, excess insurance coverage called the Amazon Commercial Auto Insurance Policy.


What to do After an Accident with an Amazon Delivery Truck


If you are injured in an accident with an Amazon van, and the van driver was at fault, here are a few suggestions for your first steps.


  • Call the police and require a crash report
  • Document the location of the vehicles if you can buy photographs or video
  • Document the damage to both vehicles by a photograph
  • Obtain any necessary medical treatment and follow your doctor’s orders to the letter
  • If your injuries are severe, contact an experienced injury attorney for a consultation
  • Do not give any recorded statements to the other driver’s insurers until you have spoken with an attorney.


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