Contingency Fees

All of the cases that we accept are taken upon a “contingency fee” basis meaning that we only get paid if we recover money for you. We charge no upfront fee and only get paid out of any settlement proceeds at the time of funding.

Defense attorneys on the other hand, get paid by the hour and every time they pick up the phone or draft a letter they are paid for their time. Very few families that are subjected to the trauma of a personal injury and the financial strain of medical bills or the emotional trauma of the loss of a loved one can afford to pay an attorney by the hour to prosecute a truck accident case.

Litigation is extremely time consuming for the attorney of record and in some instances can take years to run its course through the legal system.

The interesting fact is that most personal injury attorneys charge the same basic percentages, which can vary from 33 1/3% and up depending on how far the case goes in the legal process.

The moral here is that by selecting the best and most experienced attorney you will not pay a higher percentage and potentially may recover more money. So how are the best truck accident attorney you can to represent your financial future.

We urge everyone considering an attorney to handle their truck accident to look at the actual record in handling truck accidents as opposed to business litigation or asbestos or other types of cases to find the attorney best suited for your case.

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